The Christian Right can take its hysterical reactionary agenda and stuff. How do you square that? I libido know we are a blessed and exceptionable people. The Democrats will need to excise the haters and snobs from the party to have a chance. They can go penis right ahead and pick another softie in the primary in 2008 and watch what happens. This may not be much of an argument but that's the point. But, what if Bush succeeds? I wish I could get Michael Moore and answer to shut up, but man, I don't go to their rallies, let alone elect them President. To be fair, I'm not giving you enough credit for splitting the ticket. You and people like you, who refuse to see the damage your party is doing, or rather choose to believe something is wrong with the majority of the country instead of accepting that the democratic party is in need of desperate repair, do absolutely nothing. Penisem - penisem - Esmuy

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12 percent of voters who identified themselves as Democrats voted for Bush, whereas only 6 percent of Republicans voted for Kerry (independents split almost evenly). Reading the Klemperer diaries make me realize again what real true perfidy looks like, and how those who view a Bush victory as four more years of evil are parading their petulant variety of moral idiocy for the approval of the claque. The net loss of Democratic support to was enough to tip the election. Just so long as torture, lying, and unbridled greed aren't "moral" questions, we'll all be fine. Posted by: mary at November 4, 2004 02:45. Dojzala penis I Seksowna mama Mojej Kolezanki - Freie Anal

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That's the side I'm talking about changing. And especially when that court is in another state. Actions are bigger than words.

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I live in New York City. Until they wake up and see that they have permanently lost control of Congress and have elected exactly two presidents since 1968, they will never recover. "My words are like a dagger with a jagged edge/ That'll stab you in the head/ whether you're a fag or lez/ Or the homosex, hermaph or a trans-a-vest/ Pants or dress hate fags? (I think theyre both wrong, for whatever thats worth. 58 million people - all white, all straight, all evangelical, cave dwelling, bible thumping, gun toting, gay bashing, gas guzzling, small furry animal devouring monsters. Every Democrat for Bush that I know changed their minds after 9/11. Enough with the gasbag fantasies. If in fact penis your referencing the Patriot Act I'd like actual information pulled from the legislation that points to your claim. If Andrew Sullivan is right and gays are serious about strengthening the institution of marriage, then perhaps they should get together with the social conservatives and work out a compromise, maybe a "defense of marriage II" act that includes both gay marriage and tougher hurdles. I don't think Michael has been ambiguous about which "side" he's on when it comes to social issues: I am not about to join the right-wing bandwagon. If it's true that Kerry really does support gay marriage, he's a liar, because that's not what he's said. Posted by: spc67 at November 4, 2004 03:57 PM The LA Times exit poll had an interesting statistic that I think tells the whole story.

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